Women's Ministries was birthed to encourage and support missions. As our culture has experienced incredible shifting, meeting the needs of women has become a broad and complex calling. Women of all ages find themselves in roles and positions of responsibility that our society has not experienced in the past. We often times see a fracturing of lives due to these changes that is heartbreaking. We desire to bring relevant, passionate, Spirit-filled ministry to the women in Arizona who are hungry to know their God in a deeper way. In this current Post-Modern era in which many are embracing a pluralistic philosophy that preaches that many paths lead to God, we desire to find effective ways of taking the gospel to the women who haven't yet experienced the truth that Jesus Christ is the One and only Way to the Father. We desire to minister to the women within the local congregation, giving opportunity for Christian fellowship, spiritual growth,and the development of talents and gifts.  A primary goal is to energize,stimulate and activate the ladies to reach out in ministry within their community and world.

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